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david minshull 4 14-Nov-11

Date: 13-Jan-11 13:15
looking for david minshull came from brigghouse in yorkshire about 1968 lived above the langworthy libary his brother roy was tragically killed regent road salford david also went to calarendon school for boys in salford then joined the army after he left school last i heard he was living in gibralter and had a son called john minshull david had a sister called jean and also a brother called terry who used to be a taxi driver for swan taxis salford can anyone help me with further details or a contact many thanks his school friend dawne he will be about 54 years old now many thanks in advance

Date: 11-Feb-11 09:12
hello dawn im davids sister debbie how r u

Date: 14-Nov-11 07:17

Date: 14-Nov-11 10:27
Following my dreams and my heart, I found you through this web site David you were my first love and always will be xx Thank you to Debbie Minshull for ever in your debt xx Dawnie

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